Feelings and Moods are contagious

There was an ad on the Spaces page that said, "Happiness is contagious".  I sat and thought about that for a while; especially since I’m in a VERY crappy mood.  I do agree that happiness *can* be contagious, but so is Sadness; and much more so.
Several years ago I remember sitting in a training class with several colleagues and I was in a crappy mood.  I didn’t yell at anyone or even say anything to anyone.  I just sat in a funk.  After a couple of hours, the instructor came up to me privately and said, "Look, Taylor–I don’t know what has you down, but its REALLY bringing the class down.  You have an ability to inflict your mood upon people and you need to be aware of this."
Years later I see this.  Last night I am at a dinner in Barcelona and sitting next to a friend (Bill English).  I’m not feeling too hot and he turns to me and says, "What’s up, buddy?"  I lie and say that I was just tired; but I knew that I had to leave or pretty soon my whole table would be feeling the effects.  Now I am on my way home and have a new work week ahead of me.  It’s a good thing my office mate isn’t around very often or I’d be infecting him. 
Yes–I know, moods are a choice–and I’m choosing to be sad.  I find it to be no less than slightly hypocritical to act like you are happy when you are not.  Last time I felt like this was about 15 years ago…not pretty.

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