Airport Ratings

It’s been a while since I’ve rated airports, possibly because I don’t and haven’t traveled nearly as much as I used to.  Some airports have definitely stepped up their "stuff", namely the Las Vegas airport (McCarran).  It used to get a C, but now it gets a B.  Mainly due to the fact that they outlawed smoking.  BRAVO!!   BRAVO!!  Now the airport doesn’t smell like a frickin ASHTRAY when you get off the plane.  PLUS they have added more WiFi access points making it a little easier to get online.  Still lacking in the electrical outlets, but hey–most airports are.
I’m am severely disappointed in SeaTAC.  You would think that the airport that services so many HiTech employees of companies such as MICROSOFT, and AMAZON and BOEING would deserve FREE WiFi access…but alas, it is not so.  SeaTAC gets a C-.


UPDATE:   JFK gets a D+.  The Airline clubs are where you have to go to have any comfort and there are plenty of AC outlets and internet connections.  But other than the clubs, JFK is an absolute DISGRACE.

UPDATE #2:  MSP gets a C-.  You’d better know where you’re going.  No signage anywhere.  In the terminal, there are NO OUTLETS!!!

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