Funniest Out of Office message ever!

Okay, so I send an email to a co-worker and get the following Out-of-Office message:

I am out of the office on 4 November for immigration purposes. I will be working from home in the afternoon


Thank you,


So, exactly why is he working i there is an immigration issue?  And is he on the run?


I wanted to send an email out to my team:  Quick !  Find <co-worker>!



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2 responses to “Funniest Out of Office message ever!

  1. Johnson

    I did that once back in Seattle, before I became an American..
    But my message read — "Interviewing with INS, see you in the afternoon or in China."

  2. Bob

    My Brother used to live in Peru.  It was easier, quicker and cheaper to take a bus to Chile, spend a night there and come back the next day as a fresh visitor with a fresh work visa than renew his foreign worker visa.

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