The worst Monday ever….

So, as I’ve posted before–I’m in Chicago preparing for the funeral of my aunt.  I am now sitting in the Emergency room of Northwestern Medical Hospital because my father fell in teh bath tub while he was caulking the perimeter.  He was in so much pain, it necessitated coming here.  It is now 11:30pm Central time.  I am a pallbearer and need to be at the church by 9am.  I may get 3 hours and then I’m back on the plane back to Seattle (via Las Vegas) at 6pm.  I arrive back in Seattle at midnight.

My plane was an hour late in taking off because of a "mechanical failure".  So I arrive an hour late and meet my aunt two terminals away (no trivial fact at O’Hare Int’l).  She is older than my father and not doing too well herself.  I think of taking care of these aging family of mine and the thought almost cripples me.  Everyone needs someone.

It’s a fact of life that it must end someday, but does this particular fact have to keep proving itself over and over so soon?


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