Getting a Free Ride

This is the third week I have taken the Microsoft Connector Bus.  I must say, it does take the stress out of driving a little over an hour to work.  It’s a tour-style bus with restroom in the back, Wi-Fi, and AC outlets at every seat.
Microsoft even rented from the county certain parking spaces to designate them "Park-n Ride" for the Connector.  The first day they greeted us with gifts and espresso.  I passed on the espresso since I don’t understand why anyone would drink that crap…but it was a nice gesture.  They even had a hot Russian flight attendant to help wake you up.
I must say I look forward to catching the bus every morning.  It only takes 50 minutes and there is a shuttle waiting for me to take me to my building on campus when I disembark from the bus.  Best part of all this:  it’s all FREE!!  My office mate Bill Baer says, "I would rather drive and see the stock price go up than spend it on a free bus."  Bill, Bill, Bill…..c’mon….it’s about BENEFITS.  The stock price will go up when we start shipping the Surface, and a killer version of the Zune.


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2 responses to “Getting a Free Ride

  1. christian

    that is SO COOL!

  2. Janet

    i vote for the bus – and think how "green" that is 🙂

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