Murderer in my house…!!

On my way out to work this morning I catch a glimpse of something in the corner by my piano.  I walk closer and as I get closer my horror increases.  I see patches of fur, guts, and blood smeared on the floorboards.  A dead rabbit.  Yes.  Now, I live in the suburbs of Seattle where they have conveniently for man–inconveniently for wildlife placed a bedroom community.  Deer come into the backyard to graze and cougars , bobcats, and coyotes are not too far away.  I have two cats who have thrived, it seems, in this new environment.  About three weeks ago one of my cats brought in a mouse.  A week later, another mouse.  This time they’ve gone too far.  They have allowed their feral instincts to overcome them and they have become wild.  WILD.  They picked off a rabbit and drug it in through the back window and probably would have brought it upstairs if they could.  I understand the whole "circle of life" thing..yeah yeah…but I can’t have dead carcasses in my house.  I just can’t.  the circle stops here….


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2 responses to “Murderer in my house…!!

  1. David

    It\’s actually a testimony to thier comfort in your home.  Have they brought any kills to you?  That would be clear indication that you are the Alpha … 

  2. Eric

    I agree with Sensei. have you ever trod on a dead mouse they have put in front of your bedroom door as a gift? ica assure you, it s*cks when you go for the shower in the morning….
    but still it is their way of saying thanks etc….
    living out in the country is nice….

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