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Murderer in my house…!!

On my way out to work this morning I catch a glimpse of something in the corner by my piano.  I walk closer and as I get closer my horror increases.  I see patches of fur, guts, and blood smeared on the floorboards.  A dead rabbit.  Yes.  Now, I live in the suburbs of Seattle where they have conveniently for man–inconveniently for wildlife placed a bedroom community.  Deer come into the backyard to graze and cougars , bobcats, and coyotes are not too far away.  I have two cats who have thrived, it seems, in this new environment.  About three weeks ago one of my cats brought in a mouse.  A week later, another mouse.  This time they’ve gone too far.  They have allowed their feral instincts to overcome them and they have become wild.  WILD.  They picked off a rabbit and drug it in through the back window and probably would have brought it upstairs if they could.  I understand the whole "circle of life" thing..yeah yeah…but I can’t have dead carcasses in my house.  I just can’t.  the circle stops here….


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The Surface and the parody

OK,  Let me start out with saying the Surface is the coolest device anyone could have.
Of course you’ve gone to , right?  If you haven’t–you need to.  As Bill Baer says, Feng Shui baby!
You ask, "Have you seen the YouTube parody?"  Yes, I have.  It is funny.  Very funny until you stop and think…uhhh…I already have a big ass table in my house.  Some people have more than one.  OH and get this…YOU, the reader probably have one.
Yes, you do.  It’s called a BIG (Plasma, HD, et al) SCREEN TV.  Oh, and get this:  you have a big ass table, on a STAND, on its SIDE, and all you do is LOOK AT it.  Point a remote control at it to change the picture every once in a while.  Nice.
Now the parody isn’t funny any more.  Its stupid.  Myopic. Makes you almost feel hypocritical, because the Surface is something more than a big ass table; that does more than just display video.  You can touch it, manipulate the images, get the information you want at any time with no TiVo or DVR necessary.  You can interact with it. And your Big screen TV?  you sit and look at it. have theatre surround sound?  oooohh…
<Parody voice> One day you will sit on your fat ass looking at a big ass table, on its side, on a stand, with theatre surround sound.  All day.  And you will invite people to come over to look at it.  It will do nothing more than display video.  You will need to control it with a remote.  Behold…the Big Screen (Plasma, HDTV) Television!</Parody voice>

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