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Evil, evil, evil

Today is the TODSTWD (Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day) at Microsoft.  Continental breakfast consisted of: Donuts, Coke, and an assortment of other confectionary items….great….load up kids with sugar at 7am and hand them back to the parents to sit and watch a powerpoint….EVIL!!!!!

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Is your freak gadgetier than ME…don’t think so.


I’m more than your average gadget freak.  If gadgets were illegal, I’d be running a major cartel with machine-gun henchmen and the whole bit; seriously.  The reason I don’t blog on them is that I have so many that I would be blogging 8 hours a day and that would conflict with my daytime job. 

There are some gadgets I don’t have either because; 1) They are WAY too expensive, 2) I have a cooler than that gadget already, or 3) It simply doesn’t do what I want.  The Apple iPhone falls into both category #2 and #3.  I had an iPod, but gave it to my niece because its a status symbol and she’s a teenager and well…you get the picture.

My next gadget will the Surface.  I don’t care who you are…if you don’t think that is the COOLEST thing to come out since the CELL PHONE, you don’t know anything.  I’m getting one for my living room, one of the smaller ones for my home office and one for my office at the job.

My next gadget *was* going to be a Segway, but the Surface is cooler than that, even.


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Clarification on weather and temperature

Heard today: "Oh, it was hot yesterday and today is going to be unbearable."
me: "What’s the temperature supposed to be?"
she: "I think around 80-85"
me: "oh…high humidity?"
she: "maybe 50%.  Nothing like back East or down South"
OK…we need to have a talk.
Cold-Cool- Nice – Warm-Hot
Muggy – Humid – Nice – Dry
at 85 deg F, it is not HOT.  HOT is 95.  It doesn’t matter what the humidity is.  HOT does not take into consideration humidity.  It can be 78 deg F and MUGGY.  It can be 85 and muggy.  Both are UNCOMFORTABLE.  But neither is HOT.
Cool is when you put something on to take the edge off.  Cool is below room temperature.  COLD is when you can see your breath (at normal dew pt). 
Warm is when you wear shorts to keep from burning up.  Warm is above room temperature.  HOT is when you burn, and not necessarily from the sun.
NICE is everything in between Cool and Warm temperature-wise.  Humidity-wise, Nice is anything below a percentage where you feel the air on your skin.
In Phoenix…it’s hot right now.  115 and 13% humidity.
In Seattle…it’s NICE right now.  75 and 40% humidity.
In Santiago, Chile…it’s COOL right now.  60 and 40% humidity.
In Tierra del Fuego, Chile….its COLD…38 deg.  (no humidity reading…but it doesn’t matter).
Humidity has nothing to do with HOT or COLD. 
It’s not HOT until you start dehydrating from just standing.
It’s COLD when you can see your breath (at normal dew pt).
Get it straight, now!

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