I heard a funny thing in the office today…..

Don’t remember exactly what the conversation was about, but the person said…"Yeah, this was due to something happening way back in the 90s…."
WAY BACK in the 90s???  I can think WAY BACK to the 70s, *maybe* way back to the 80s….the 90s were not WAY BACK.  Just BACK; or IN.
I don’t think it has to do with how old someone is; it has to do with how YOUNG someone is.
80s music is CLASSIC.  90s music is just DATED.
70s clothes are DATED.  90s clothes are still IN STYLE.
There can be no nostalgia about the 90s….none.  Babies born in 1990 are still in High School, barely old enough to drive.
WAY BACK in the 90s…..<shaking my head>

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