First Week in the books

I arrived in the Seattle area on Sunday night.  Picked up my bags from baggage claim and then went to pick up the car.  Since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I asked for a GPS unit.  "Sorry, the type of rental you have doesnt allow changes."  Fine, I’ll pay for it out of pocket.  "I’m sorry, you can’t"  "What??"  Nevermind, I get headaches from dealing with drones who don’t get it.
I get to my corporate apt and it’s not bad.  Better than most hotels I’ve stayed in as far as amenities are concerned.  Cable TV, internet access, dishwasher, frig, microwave, etc.  This isn’t half bad.
New Employee Orientation (NEO) was fun.  It seemed to drag the second day after the Legal Team did their part.  Got my ID (First horrible pic I’ve taken for a namebadge) and I was off to meet my manager.  What ensued immediately following made me feel like I was swimming in the Pacific with no life preserver.  This all happened last week, so I’m forgetting a lot, but the overall feeling is that this will be a lot of fun.


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4 responses to “First Week in the books

  1. dpuggie

    Swimming in the Pacific huh?  See you should have stayed 🙂

  2. Eric

    I hope the housequest was successfull.

  3. Richard

    The housequest is ongoing.  My goal is be done a week after TechEd.

  4. David

    It\’s kinda like drinking out of a firehose … and it never really stops.  Welcome to Microsoft! 🙂

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