Brazil trip…observations and what I learned

Things that I ‘ve learned over the past three days being in Brazil:
1) People are much more conservative in their dress.  Just to go to lunch men wear jackets.  Males typically do not wear jeans.  Women typically have long hair past their shoulders.
2) Compared to most countries in Europe, very few people speak English. 
3) They LOVE to EAT here….there is a passion about the food that is just incredible.  I’ve never eaten so much and liked it.
4) This is the biggest city I’ve ever seen.  NYC has a little of 8 million in the city proper.  São Paulo has over 10 in the city proper. NYC has 830 sq km of area.  SP has over 1500!!!
5)  That whole thing about the water swirling the opposite direction because its south of the equator….that’s BUNK; I tried it.

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