Meeting Steve Ballmer

I was invited to participate in a private gathering where a couple of Microsoft Senior Executives and Steve Ballmer answered questions in a panel setting.  It was a virtual "Who’s Who" in the industry: Karen Forester, Mary Jo Foley, Mark Russinovich, Mark Minasi, Doug Barney, Jesper Johanssen, Jim McBee, et al.  I was lucky enough to get the microphone to ask Bob Muglia a question.  To my (and everyone else’s) surprise, he said, "You’ll have to ask my boss that question".  When SteveB came in, it was obvious he had been briefed on the question posed to him and the FIRST thing Ballmer commented on was directed at me.  I was an easy target…I was sitting smack dab in the middle of room about 20 feet away.  I *was* going to say (in my best Al Sharpton voice) something to the effect of why there were no blacks in that room…but reason shook me back to reality.

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  1. Carnegie

    LOL! Dude you are the man. I am glad you got the opportunity to "represent", MCT\’s, et al.
    You must tell us what was your question.

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