What would *you* believe?

I am on my way to Redmond to speak at a conference and as I approach my gate I notice a lot of commotion at the adjacent gate. About 7 or 8 uniformed police and about 10 or so TSA people are frisking every passenger as they deboard from a flight arriving from Palm Springs. Every passenger, including the in-depth searching of all their carry on baggage is searched. Then come the dogs. What they are looking for, no one seems to know, but many onlookers (including myself) are snapping pictures of the event.

I really expected someone to walk away in handcuffs but it didn’t happen.

After it was over, I asked around to see if anyone knew what was going on. One of the passengers said that when they landed, the passengers all got up to leave and the captain told everyone to take their seats because there had been a "security breach", that someone had boarded the plane that wasnt supposed to have been on the plane. Then the announcement came that there was misinformation and that the whole thing was a mistake…..uh-huh…right.

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