Zurich trip coming to a close

Had my first presentation today.  Rocked the house!
Oh, I should have mentioned earlier–when I *finally* arrived in Zurich, I go to the Lost and Found to retrieve my luggage as they were on the *first* flight. 
Baggage Guy: "Halo. Sprechen sie Deutsche?
Me: "Um, no.  ¿Habla español?"
Baggage Guy: "Nein. Parlate italiano?"
Me: "uuhh. no.  But I can read it!"
Baggage Guy: "OH, you speak English!"
After our Abbott and Costello routine, the baggage guy tells me that my bags never made it to Switzerland.  They were still in London.  "So, I miss *TWO* flights and my bags aren’t HERE YET?"  I say incredulous.
"We will deliver them to you as soon as they arrive, which should be by tomorrow. Hopefully.  No promises."
The bags made it that night, actually.
I’m hoping to do some shopping here and get a REAL Swiss watch!


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3 responses to “Zurich trip coming to a close

  1. Eric

    I hope your flight back will be better that the other way around…

  2. raul

    Unfortunately I missed your first presentation, no doubts you did "rock the house" I attended your second presentation on the "MOSS is the Boss" course and I approached you at the end, saying I was into Sharepoint since 2001, remember me?

  3. raul

    Sorry, left the blog somehow, I am not much into blogging, forgot to pay my tribute to the Blog Gods…. OK, now I consider myself an SPS Guru as well. How can I contact you by mail, if I may?

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