British Airways and Expedia ordeal

Just got home.  I’m hungry.  I’m angry; no…incensed.
I bought a ticket to Switzerland and initially had a multiple destination itinerary.  PHX-LHR-ZRH-FRS-SHA-NAG-OKA and then back to PHX.  I bought the ticket (almost $10K) and then the Asia gig went away.  Trying to change the ticket has cost me over 48 hours cell phone time and $6000 in lost fees.
The aggravation.  I am to the point where I can’t even write about it.  Suffice to say, I will bad mouth British Airways and Expedia every chance I get.


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6 responses to “British Airways and Expedia ordeal

  1. Michelle

    6K gone…OUCH! 
    …just popping over.  Interesting space.

  2. MeMe

    Your space is interesting.  Too bad you are having so much trouble with your plane ticket.  Purchasing from a site other than the airline\’s can cost you if you want to make changes. 

  3. millie

    Hello, Rick
    I been true your page, very interesting as a matter a fact, funny too!!!  I t  made made smile a few times.
    You seem to enjoy your life to the fulles, awesome !!! To  smart for  me do, i am a very simple person, with a very quiet life, but that donot stop me from admiring your talens, love the fact that you can play music, i loved it. keep it up.
    Sorry about the lost of friend, i dont get the funny part do.  I love the way  you  love live and lived , just one advice from all the knowlege  you have and all the smart thinking, dont fortget that the beggining of wisdom is the" FEAR OF THE LORD". A FRIEND

  4. Tammy

    hi … i would like to talk to i live on martha;s vineyard island…you sound interesting so please contact me and i hope i can get to know you…

  5. Unknown

    Here is a link where you can find places to post your bad experience with EXPEDIA.
    Expedia tried to scam me 1254.95 USD.
    Good luck

  6. David

    That\’s why frequent flyer programs exist.  You would have a significantly greater chance of negotiating with the airline (well, perhaps the arrogant Brits don\’t count in this equation) if they know you are a valued customer.

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