I have met THE MAN!!

I had Dixie’s BBQ today.  They have a sauce called "The Man".  O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s similar to "Daves Ultimate Insanity Sauce" which I really like to cook with….but they serve it up on the side as a sauce.  FREAKS.  Freaks, I tell ya!
I put some on my BBQ/Hotlink sausage sandwich; got lit up like a Christmas tree.  I LOVE hot sauce but this….this….is nuts.  To think that the hottest hot sauce I’ve ever had was found in Seattle.  I would have expected something like this in El Paso, Houston, Phoenix, or even Jal, NM.  I got some to take home and can’t wait to cook with it.  I have about 2 oz.  That should make about 100 gal of chili.
I think I’ll have to change my email address from slickrickIStheman to slickrickMETtheman.


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7 responses to “I have met THE MAN!!


    Hi Rick, we have something in common when it comes to foods\’ that we like to add spice to.  I enjoy hotsauce as well but have you ever tasted tabassco sauce.  If you haven\’t I hope you can pick some up at your local grocery store and please let me know what you think.  This stuff is really hot!!

  2. Janet

    Try Tiger Sauce – its great for cooking with 🙂

  3. Richard

    Here\’s my list of hot sauces from mild to hot that I\’ve tried:
    Tabasco – green — mild, good flavor
    Tabasco – red — high vinegar content, good for collard greens
    Red Devil — very similar to Tabasco red.
    Valencia — thicker and more flavor.  Medium heat index
    Tapatio — excellent for spaghetti or lasagna.  Medium heat index
    Florida Firecraker — Habenero sauce.  REALLY good for chili.  A little high in vinegar.
    85% PAIN — very garlicky.  Add to sauce for lasagna or italian dishes.
    95% PAIN — thick. Good for chips and salsa.  HOT.
    100% PAIN — NOW we\’re talking!!  good for wings or cooking.
    Spontaneous Combustion — Good for hot wings.  Wash your hands after use.  HOT.
    Dave\’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce — Leave this one alone.  Not for comsumption.  A toothpick dipped in this is enough for 1 lb of ground beef
    The Man sauce — See Dave\’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce comment.  Same thing here.

  4. ferhat

    Merhaba from Turkey

  5. Fermin

    Dave\’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce is nice – I suggest you also have a look at Blair\’s MegaDeath or The Source. Don\’t tell the Bush administration, though – they might be knocking on your door searching for WMDs.

  6. Vonda

    Funny…funny….funny….Glad you met your match!!  You are a very funny man…I love reading your entries….informative…I feel the same about snow….blech!! Who needs it? Leave that stuff where it belongs! Best wishes on your many travels..and airport mishaps!

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