Switzerland – NICE; Snow – BAADD

I was asked to present at the MCT Summit in Zurich, Switzerland next week.  Skiing doesn’t appeal to me, so what’s left?  Chocolate?  I used to work for Nestle (based in Vevey, Switzerland) so maybe I’ll bring some home.
I grew up in the Chicago area and was thoroughly traumatized by the winters there.  I thought that attending university at SOUTHERN IL would get me out of the snow (hey, it was a 6 hour drive straight south…why not??)  WRONG!  They even closed school for two days because of a blizzard.  So I transferred to E New Mexico.  Average yearly temperature of 72 deg F.  Ahhhhhh
I now live in the Phoenix metro area.  No snow.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  And I *LIKE* it like that, thank you!!
Have you ever seen the "Christmas scene" baubles that you shake for the snow effect?  Don’t even like THAT snow.
Switzerland in January.  And I don’t even have a heavy coat.  Or gloves. 


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16 responses to “Switzerland – NICE; Snow – BAADD

  1. Czar

    You are interesting a person at least so it sounds.  Have a lot to say too.  haha well i was impressed by the fact that you play 3 musical instruments and write songs.  Well well – Blessings to you pal.  Meanwhile we have no snow where i live maybe one day you could visit the Caribbean if not live there.  I wish you well in 2007 especially with your desire to achieve your goals and resolutions.


    Your blog is interesting.  I have ambition goals for the new year. I am a straving artist.  I am new to blogging and I like the way you set up your blog (with the background).  How did you do that?  I would like to do the same to mine to make it look more appealling.  If you have a chance check out mine and give me some advice.  Thanks and Happy New Year!

  3. jeanette

    Hi Rick!  I went to Geneva in Jan of 2000, and there wasn\’t a snowflake anywhere to be found.  It was very cold and rained some, but a very mild winter that year.  Maybe it will be that way for you when you are there too!  Jeanette

  4. David

    Wow, I am actually making a job change to get back to the snow.  I lived in Texas (bleagh!) and Saudi and I miss snow a lot.  I could see disliking it, though, if I had to be in a city.  But out in the country it is wonderful.

  5. fgsg

    You seem so very diversified and talented to say the least.  Don\’t worry, all geniuses have trouble balancing the checkbook.  I don\’t even bother with it because it frusterates me to no end….lol!
    check out my artist website and let me know what you think….


    Glad to see that you have you resolutions set out for 2007. 

  7. arsh

    nice. try the federated states of micronesia. I bet you\’ll love it. lol NO not to go to school  for vocation i mean. ;~P

  8. Paisha

    ¡Buenas noches, Rick!
    Yo también soy morenita y hablo el idióma Español y quiero aprender más idiómas latinos.  En éste momento, no tengo mucho tiempo por añadir cosas a mi vida.  Soy una madre, trabajo, y tengo que cumplir mis estudios en la universidad. 
    ¿Cómo aprendiste las dos lenguajes?  Me pareces muy interesante y brillante como haces tantas cosas difíciles. 
    Bueno, Rick.  Tal vez pudieramos conversar sobre la música, poecía, e idiómas.  Escríbeme si quieras, ok…

  9. Sageview

    Hi Rick,
    What a blog page!   I am a newby to blogging — so far, I am hooked.   I came across your page and instantly became a world traveller through your daily life.  Check me out @http://sageview.spaces.live.com 

  10. Quincellar

    Hey nice page!!!!!!!!

  11. sandman1

    Interesting profile ! I\’m an ex-musician myself from the 80s, played all over the place. Listen are they through with the tunnel project in the Alps ? Heard its going to be awsome when done…

  12. MsGoodie2Shoes

    Nice space!  Love the resolutions (I never manage to accomplish the one\’s I make so good luck with that one).  I\’m sure Switzerland was beautiful even if your hands got a little cold!

  13. jen

    oh poor baby. i know how Chicago is. But london is worst. But i feel. ATL GA is the best sofar weather wise.

  14. Jose Eduardo

    Hi. Nice Space… I could see in your profile you speak Spanish and Portuguese. My native Language is Spanish…. así que puedo escribir en español porque me vas a entender
    Te deseo lo mejor en el 2007
    You can visit my space and write a comment if you want… Also you can add me to your friends List if you want
    Bye from Panama


    mohamad maher zataraa
    al eman
    bet hanina
    hai al ashkarie

  16. Pete Lustig

    Rick – You  put together an intelligent blog. God knows there are legions of badly written blogs with nothing to say.  So finding your is refreshing.  Congrats on being Space of the week.  I had that honor with Late Life Crisis about 16  months ago and people are still visiting from that.  Then this week I get another mention on the Spaces home page and 1,500 visitors drop in. It is real kick to know that what you are communicating has a significant audience.

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