Scrooge in the 21st Century

Sitting next to a guy who is contracting at a large financial organization.  He gets a phone call from his contracting company that his contract has been terminated.  He calls his supervisor and asks him where he needs to turn in his laptop, etc. hoping that, PERHAPS, he would be surprised and see what might be done; afterall–it’s the week before Christmas.
Well, the supervisor KNEW and had not told him.  So not only did Scrooge sack Bob Crachit; Scrooge called upon Bob Marley to tell Crachit he was sacked because he didn’t have the guts to do it.  What happened to the "heads up" a couple of weeks ago? 
I feel sick to my stomach.


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3 responses to “Scrooge in the 21st Century

  1. Ash

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  2. Etan

    Hello Rick,
    There is alot of that going around. The same thing happened in my office only to six people.
    Nice space… I just noticed you have the same background as I do.

  3. David

    Hey – this is business – are you surprised? 

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