Lesson learned

I’ve never bought a refundable airfare.  If I had to change, I paid the fee.  I have never had to cancel, and if I did–most would give me a credit for a future flight.  There never was a need for me to spend the extra money and buy a refundable ticket.
Never again.
I had two trips (international) that were almost back to back.  One to Zurich and the other to Japan.  I went through Expedia and bought a multiple destination ticket.  NON-refundable, because the dates were sure.  I ended up not being able to go to Japan and tried to get that part of my ticket refunded by cancelling the whole trip.  No go.  Expedia gave me the run-around with British Airways and I am now stuck with $6000 of tickets I cannot use.  I can barely even write that.  Let alone SAY it.
Never again will I buy NON-refundable tickets, unless I buy them the SAME day of travel.

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  1. JAMIE

    I know about those they are really a pain in the butt I have worked for orbitz.com and international flights get tricky most of the rules are complicated it would take someone with a law degree to figure them out.  The only way you could possibly salavage them is the have expedia release the records to each of the airlines if there diffrent carriers and have the agent call them and see what they could do.  The problem with that is finding a agent that is willing to go to bat for you because these airlines are a pain.

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