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Download a song!

My cousin Adam has produced his first album, self-named "ADAM".  Download a song or two from iTunes today!

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Funerals are a funny thing (not “haha” funny)

But interesting kind of "funny".
I just got back about 6 hours ago from a funeral in Chicago.  Long flight.  Long day — Thursday.
How is i that we fall out of touch?  Especially with family members?  Time goes on and we can’t get it back.
I work with a girl who asked me a very poignant question.  I asked her why she didn’t blog about it and she said she didn’t know.  So I will blog it for her:
Tuyen Nguyen: TWO HOURS

The world is a fragile place
Yes, no brainer fact
Our lives are short
Sure, in comparision with the universe

Been to college then grad school
Been to New York, Canada, Vietnam, Mexico…
Thought I had it all
Thought I got it all
‘Til he showed me
Their true meanings
the day he went away.
With a flame
literally, all became dust.
So I sat and pondered
What if I’ve got two hours
before the world collapses?

Of the actions I’ve done
Of the words I’ve said
Those that I meant
And those I didn’t…
The people that I brought joy to
and vice versa
Those who gave me miseries
and vice versa
[All began to fade
With only two hours to take!]

So Ken shared:
"It’s not how you live your last two hours of life,
but how you lived everyday.
Love life, and take time to relish in it.
Find someone special to share it with
and even in the end,
life will seem brand new.
Regret is a very expensive thing…"

Then came Richard:
"Good question
think of everyone
that I ever thought I offended
and contact them to say sorry
everything else seems so… trivial
going out with a clear conscience
that would be my goal"
I agree with them both
Ken’s philosophiscal
Rick’s practical
The sad truth is
We don’t live up to what life’s worth everyday
So burried
in the business
of a normal day.
But I am with Ken
Gotta make every minute count.
And at the end
Like Rick commented
Calm and collected…
Be with the family
Celebrate the time we had
Celebrate the luck of being in this world
[Oh how I so cherish it!]
Then make know to everyone else…
That I really care for them
Stairway to any heaven
Perhaps is a clear conscience

Two hours before conclusion
What would you do?

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First Time

I received a call from my cousin (the sister of my deceased cousin) asking me if I would be a pallbearer.  I almost broke down over the phone.  I didn’t realize how much I had already missed him.  I’ve never been a pallbearer before and I’m not sure how my emotions will be as I’m performing this duty.  I leave for Chicago tomorrow as the funeral is Thursday.

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I now believe in Friday the 13th

At the conference, none of my demos worked and I lost my slide deck.

I just received word that my cousin Bruce died. We are not sure if it was suicide or not. Its not his character to do something like that…

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The Risk of presenting in Las Vegas

I am presenting at the TechMentor Conference which is being held in Las Vegas (
I go to check in and as I’m walking to the reception area I have to traverse through another conference….the Victoria Secret/Adam&Eve/something lingerie show.  I try to stay focused on the TechMentor reception area but it is difficult.  After what seemed a LONG time, I finally arrive and check in and realize that I may not have many attendees in my sessions this week.
If Mark Minasi doesn’t use this in his keynote monolgue….he’s slipping.

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SharePoint Diaries

My article in REDMOND magazine came out yesterday.

The graphics are a little….weird.


I’m currenly doing a MOSS project at Wells Fargo.  It’s HUGE.

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