Good thing I’m not going to Australia or Korea….


Another Airline Grounds Dell, Apple Laptops

from the bet-they-just-lost-two-corporate-accounts dept

Following the lead of Australia’s Qantas, Korean Air has forbidden the use of Dell and Apple laptops on its planes (via Engadget). The company says users can bring the computers aboard, as long as they put their batteries in their checked luggage. This seems doubly pointless, because if the airlines are going to overreact and forbid the use of the machines on board, why let the batteries on at all, since there are questions about the safety of batteries travelling as cargo, too? Spokesmen from Apple and Dell have a point that there are plenty of their laptops that didn’t ship with the exploding battery figure, so they shouldn’t be any more of a threat to an airplane than any other laptop, and to single their users out really isn’t all that helpful. All this ban will do is drive some customers to other airlines, where they’ll carry their machines on unmolested. However, the original article does say the FAA is reviewing the safety of lithium batteries — so maybe it won’t just be Apple and Dell owners getting the special treatment.


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