What is ‘Race’…according to Orange ‘Race’ is also a religion..

Orange spokesman suspended over ‘racist’ comments


A Community Affairs spokesman for phone giant Orange has been suspended over posting allegedly racist comments on a website.

An article under Inigo Wilson’s name on the ConservativeHome.com discussion site gives a series of definitions for "politically correct" terms.

One of the entries reads: "Islamophobic: Anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work."

The post defines Palestinians as "Archetype ‘victims’ no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets.

"Never responsible for anything they do – or done in their name – because of ‘root causes’ or ‘legitimate grievances’."

The piece sparked fury among Muslim readers who regarded them as racist, and a number said they would be contacting the company to complain.

One email apparently sent to Orange, and posted on the website of community group the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, said: "I think Orange need to find a more appropriate ‘community’ PR representative who does not hold such Islamaphobic and racist views."

A statement released by Orange’s Head of Media Relations Stuart Jackson today said: "Orange has received a number of complaints regarding the content of an article written by an Orange employee and published on an independent website which has offended some of our customers.

"We take the opinions of our customers very seriously and believe that this matter warrants further investigation. We have therefore suspended an employee while this investigation takes place."

Mr Wilson’s article, which was posted on August 2, says he is a married father of one who lives in Fulham, south west London.


OK, since when is Muslim (or Islamic) a race?  I thought it was a religion?  How can you be called out for making "racist" comments about a religion?  How is that possible?  Orange needs to get a dictionary or encyclopedia or something….BONEHEADS.

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