Virginity pledgers lie about past


"According to Rosenbaum, "it’s not possible to know why pledgers retracted their sexual history since it’s impossible to know whether respondents actually had sex."

"Psychology studies in a variety of contexts seem to demonstrate that people’s memories of their behavior are consistent with their beliefs rather than their actual behavior,"

These findings imply that virginity pledgers often provide unreliable data, making assessment of abstinence-based sex education programs unreliable."


OK, so let me get this straight….If I say I will abstain and don’t, I will lie about it.  If I say I have never had sex before (but lied about it) and will continue to abstain and lied then—how is that any different than saying that I have had sex (but I’m a virgin)? 


They are slick about this article—they know that people read this to say, "Abstinence-based sex education programs are unreliable." Instead of driving home the fact that "they" are UNABLE to know if it works.


The reason they don’t know is that they don’t know with what metrics to measure it.  I would have thought simply taking the number of abstinence pledgers and seeing how many got treated for STDs, or got someone pregnant (or became pregnant themselves) as a metric.  Even the ones that lie, but were taught to abstain, would work into the metric. 


WHAT’s WRONG WITH "Academia" nowadays???




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One response to “Virginity pledgers lie about past

  1. David

    It\’s a common argument.  If I don\’t know for a fact that some purported result occured, then it didn\’t, in fact, occur.
    Most of us are able to see through the fallacy in this line of reasoning – at least when someone else uses it.  <g>
    That\’s why, when these kinds of programs are placed before the critical eye of the public, it\’s essential to ensure adequate and reasonable statistical evidence support it.
    Perhaps this will be of some assistance:
    "If you do not have sex, the chances of your becoming pregnant approach zero"

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