Re: Triathlon adventure – FINALE

It was definitely harder than I thought it would be. 
When I finished the swimming leg, I could not run to the transition area.  I had to walk.  Slowly.  I know I worried the lifeguards because one was watching me and even got up from her chair once to make sure I was OK.  At least I wasn’t last in my heat.  Not even second-to-last.
The bike leg wasn’t too bad, except for the Arizona desert humidity made me *SO* thirsty and I had to juggle my water bottle and ride at the same time.  There were two hills; one whose grade wasn’t so bad, but whose distance was almost half the leg.  The other hill wasn’t as steep but was against the wind…ugh.  I passed a LOT of people on this leg.
The running leg….that was the killer.  A dusty road just as the Arizona sun was coming to its peak.  I passed no one.  I got passed by people in the heat *after* me.  My heart rate Max is 185…I know it was over 200 during this leg.  I was able to sprint the last 200 meters or so.
Would I do it again?  Not today.  Ask me in a month.  Iron Man will have to go on without me this year.

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