ARRRRRGH!! What’s wrong with the world?

I am now at the Orlando International Airport (MCO).  After battling unbelievably long lines (a common exclamation heard was "Oh my God…is *that* the line??)  I get past security with my two laptops and various other electronic devices, which I won’t check, and arrive at my gate.  As I look around to find an electrical outlet to jack into (my laptop has two hard drives with RAID and a dual  P4, not Pentium-M–it uses TONS of juice) and I can’t find ONE.  Well…there *was* one next to the door into the Mens’ restroom.  I walk around the terminal looking for a different one.  This is a BIG terminal and there is no outlet to be found.  THAT’s CRAZY.  MCO gets an F for business accomodations.  The only reason they don’t get an F MINUS is because they have Wi-Fi.
So far—
DFW gets a D
BWI gets a B+
LAX gets a C
PHX gets a C- (they were a D until free Wi-Fi came)
LAS gets a C+ (they could have been a B if the outlets were in *convenient* locations other than the floor by the door to the gate)

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  1. David

    You need a RCC membership!  Fly United and crawl into the Red Carpet Club.  There\’s lots of power, plenty of wireless, comfort from the masses, and food and drink.

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