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Triathlon Training

OK…so one day a friend comes up to me and says, "Rick…let’s do a triathlon!"  At first I wanted to know if he were smoking something and then I came to my senses (the guy is straighter than an arrow) and just said that he was out of his mind.  I am 5’11" and at the time I weighed a hefty 240lbs and was 35% fat.
It’s now 6 weeks later.  I agreed to do it because it is a "mini" triathlon (100m swim, 10K bike ride, 3.2K run)…even *I* can do that!!! 
I now weigh 217lbs and my BMI is 25%.  My goal is 200lbs by the time the event gets here on April 22. 
I’ve done two mock trials and the first time I did the ordeal in 49:21.  My second time I did 45:01.  My goal is to do it all under 40 minutes.

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Back again

I’m on my first flight in two months. They say it will be "bumpy".

Super Bowl Sunday…..and my teamaint there! 😦

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