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Barcelona wrap

It was a good trip.  It rained all week until our last day.  I took lots of pictures and met lots of good people.   Pictures below of the city.

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IT Forum ramble….

So I’m talking to Mark Russinovich about how he can do so well in his speaking sessions.  I felt that I could present as well as he (or perhaps I have delusions of grandeur) and although I was holding my own, I wasn’t getting the scores he was.  He said, "People like troubleshooting sessions." 
Europeans are very hard on the scores….I thought I rocked the house and I only got a 7.5!
It’s amazing how late the Spaniard’s eat!  They don’t even open the restaurants until 8 or 9pm.  The typical time that people eat dinner is 10pm!!!!  As a matter of fact, I’m on my way to a dinner and we’re meeting at my hotel at 8pm!!

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SharePoint Recovery — Take Two….

I’m at IT Forum in Barcelona.  My Chalk & Talk is on SharePoint Backup and Recovery.  The last time I performed this demo, Mr Murphy attended and had his way with me.  I’m ready for him this time.  I defy him to rear his nefarious head into my session today!!

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Flight to Barcelona

OK, so I’m on the plane and the captain announces that the AC isn’t working and that it must, because it would mean that the engines aren’t working properly.

I tried to get an upgrade, but Delta told me that there were none available. On the way to my seat, at least four business class seats are vacant (and I boarded late). The flight isn’t full as the seat between me and the next guy is empty.

It appears we’re ready to take off!

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