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Talking about Einstein and Darwin: A tale of two theories – Future of Evolution –

So…I don’t think this guy Neil deGrasse Tyson is listening to what he is saying.  "There are no “laws” of physics in the 20th century. It’s quantum theory … the theory of relativity … you just look in the books, they all use the term “theory.” I think it’s a recognition that someone who comes after you may achieve an even deeper understanding of how things work. But “deeper” doesn’t mean that what you did is no longer valid. It just means that there’s a larger sphere of understanding that awaits you, in which what you just learned is embedded."


Fine.  So who’s to say that ID isn’t a deeper understanding (or at least requires a deeper understanding) to explain how we all got to where we are?  Who’s to say that evolution isn’t really part of ID?  Could it not be ID to have things evolve? Maybe "Creation" is just a higher form of science we don’t understand yet.


No one wants to think anymore….sigh…




Einstein and Darwin: A tale of two theories – Future of Evolution –


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Flying on September 11

So, here I am on a Boeing 737 bound for St Louis. Nothing special about the flight except one thing: I’m flying on the fourth anniversary of September 11.

The fifth busiest airport in the country was noticeably less busy. Its Sunday and many business travelers leave on this day to get a days rest before Monday. But today, the place was almost ……. Empty. It normally takes me 15 minutes from bag check to gate. Today it took me 5.

Well, here’s to history and a safe flight to everyone!

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90% there

I got word that my session abstract for ITForum was accepted and now I’m just waiting for travel details.  I hope they have something for MCTs as well.
Barcelona, here I come!

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I am resolute on cleaning my office today.  I’m sick of it.  I can’t have it like this. ….  where do I start?  Oh dear….


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