Counting my blessings

I had a two day consult with ETS at Princeton University.  I was to fly into Newark (EWR) arriving at 2am, drive to Princeton (1 hr drive), and make a 7:30am meeting. 
On the plane, the captain announces: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have been notified that there is some hydraulic fluid on the ground near engine one.  We are trying to determine if it’s us or if it was another plane."  5 minutes later, he announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the fluid is indeed coming from our engine.  We have mechanics working on the issue and we estimate an hour delay."  Great, now I’ll get there at 4am.
10 minutes later, the captain announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the problem is more serious than we previously thought.  Our air conditioning unit is not working either and we will need to de-plane everyone as it will get very hot in here shortly.  Please check back at the gate every 15 minutes to get status on this flight.  Thank you."  They announced another plane leaving in 2 hours.  So—I’d get there at 6am.  This ain’t happenin’…
I can’t call my client because it’s already past 9:30pm to let them know that I won’t be coming and when to re-schedule…this STINKS!!
Probably better this way….I’d hate to be on the first America West flight that crashes…..

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