Murphy ruled my world yesterday…

Second session, I’m feeling pretty confident after rocking the house and
being in the Top Ten on the first day.  I test my demo one more time *JUST
TO MAKE SURE* it’s working.  Power supply blows up.  No prob, got a backup.
Hard drive fails.  No prob, got a backup.  VPC image isn’t there.  No prob,
got a backup on DVD.  Start to copy it over….CRC error….OK, now I’m
nervous.  Mhy whole presentation hinges on this demo.  I’ve got 23 minutes.

I began a build of a vhd that has W2K3 and SPS.  Slow as molasses in
January.  I tell the audience that I will do the demo a the end of my
slideshow….the slide machine BSODs.  I call the crew guy down…he gets on
stage with me and tries to reboot the machine.  It won’t.  He calls another
person to come down and help.  Now there are three people on stage, me and
two show crew people.  One is underneath yanking cable and the other is
trying to find where the outlet is.  I figure at this point I’m dead anyway
and ask if anyone has any questions….??????

Here are some of the comments in my eval:

"The disaster recovery lesson that became a disaster itself. 😉 The
funniest session in TechEd forever! I’m really feeling sorry for the guy
having to have a lesson while all of his demos were totally messed up.
However, the performance was really nice standup comedy and although we
didn’t learn anything about the issue itself at least we had fun."

"it was actually the most funny session I attended, although the demo didnt

"10/10 – never seen a presenter recover from a complete equipment meltdown
in such a professional way!!"

I got a 7.0……what a pisser!


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One response to “Murphy ruled my world yesterday…

  1. Bert Jan

    Hi Rick,I was there and I must say, you kept your cool! You did great. Must have been pretty hot up on that stage!Cheers,B.J.The Netherlands

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