Cincinnati airport is worse than DFW!!!

OK, so I thought that DFW sucked because they had no electrical outlets.  I get to Cincy on my way to Amsterdam and discover that Cincy has just as few outlets and to add insult to injury, they CHARGE you for using them!!!
So here I am in the lobby of my hotel waiting for my room to get ready.  At first they had a smoking room, but that ain’t flyin with me.  THEN they wanted to charge me an extra €70 ($105) PER NIGHT to get a room *now*, or wait 3 hours and get a non smoking for the original price.  If the Euro is doing so well…why do they want so many of my DOLLARS…???  Europe is freaking EXPENSIVE!!!
The flight was nice.  I flew first class and was amazed at the difference of service.  I may never fly coach again…really.

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One response to “Cincinnati airport is worse than DFW!!!

  1. Janet

    Fly first class once and you know why we all try so hard to maintain status 😉 – you are in BIG trouble now !!!

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