What did I learn from this?

I find an opportunity on the MCT newsgroup and get excited to do a gig for a major player via a broker.  The contract is kinda weak, but to get the gig I sign it.  The gig is over three months and the terms are 45 days.  Well, I get an email on the 45th day saying the check will go in the mail that weekend.  OK.  Weekend comes and goes….so the next weekend….and the next.  I get another email that there were some issues in their payroll dept and that the check will be sent the following week.  Yup.  You guessed it, it didn’t happen.  I call.  No answer.  I keep leaving messages and no response.

I may be out a little over $10K, which hurts as this is what I use to travel to my gigs.  No money, I can’t get there.  sigh…..


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