Will Class be cancelled?

Day two of 2400B.  During the second break in the afternoon, the POC comes
to me  and says,

POC: "uhhh, I just got an email.  They’re closing the base as of 1430."
Me: "That was 10 minutes ago"
POC: "Yup.  We have to be out of here in 15 minutes"
Me: "Why"
POC: "Weather"
Me:"What about tomorrow?"
POC: "uhhh, well….we may not have class…"
Me: "Why?"
POC: "Weather advisory"
Me: "hmmm.  How will I know?"
POC: "Call this number.  It’s a base messaging service that tells us status"
Me: "oooo k"

So…here I am in my hotel room waiting……weather sucks.  sigh.


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