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No more Big Red gum for me!

I think I figured out what caused my tongue to swell up.  Yesterday I ate a piece of Big Red gum; when I realized that that was the same thing (last thing) I had done before the last time my tongue swelled up.  So this time I ate just a little piece.  A few hours later, my tongue had a reaction; smaller than the first, but still.

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Tech Ed is coming!!!

I can’t wait even though it’s about 5 months away.  Supposedly this is going to be BIG for MCTs.  I will be staying at one of the Hiltons.

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What’s up with my tongue?!!

Today on my way to lunch, I feel a tingling sensation on my tongue.  I didn’t pay attention to it until I finally starting eating.  Now my tongue is totally NUMB!  It swelled up and it even had what looked like bruises on it.  I think it’s going back to normal.  I hope I’m OK!

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Where am I?

I added a list that shows where I will be and when.  I figure that way at least you can give me tips on what I should go see and do!

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OK, maybe it’s time for a new car….

Today on my way in, the car’s dashboard lights starting getting dim…and then the battery light came on….and then the car started sputtering.  The ironic thing was, that the car died in the SAME place as Monday!!  Alternator.

I’ve now spent almost $1000 on this car in three days!  Maybe it’s time for a newer one.  sigh.

On a good note:  a video company out of Florida called me and asked if I wanted to do some A+ videos in Spanish!  Sounds like a hoot!

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Talking about New Year’s Resolutions

Karla and I must be kindred spirits. 


New Year’s Resolutions

1. Stop procrastinating.

I need to get around to doing something about that one…

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Kill me now…..

So…I’m on my way to Ft. Huachuca (Wha-Choo-Kah) in Sierra Vista.  It’s about 200 miles away which is driving distance for me (I’ll go up to 350).  Anyway, I’m low on funds (which is why I’m doing this gig) and about 45 minutes out of Tucson my car just stops!  No indicators, out of the blue…just stops!!  I’m still about 45 minutes away from my first day and I can’t get there! 

I call my client who is gracious enough to come and pick me up.  I call a tow truck and have them take it to their garage.  Mind you, I’m in Mayberry USA so I know I’ll get screwed….

They call me and tell me it’s the timing belt and because I have an ‘interference’ type engine, it might be toast.  In any case, it’s gonna cost me $300!!!! 

I’m at the client site, but have no way to get to my hotel which is an hour away and renting a car may not be an option out here in the boonies…..

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